B&B Breakfast Menu

Our Guests injoy a healthy full beakfast included with your room booking,
prepaird by your hosts Larry & Diana Breakfast is served from 7:30 am until 11:00 am every day.

Bacon & Eggs
  • Two Eggs any style:
           (Over Easy, Basted, Sunny Side Up, Scrambled or Poached) with Bacon or Sauages, Hash Browns & Two Pieces of
           Toast White or Brown
  • Omelettes:
            Cheese, Denver, Mushroom, Western, Vegetable with or with out Bacon or Sausages, with Hash Browns & Two
            Peices of Toast White or Brown
French Toast
  • French Toast:
            Two Peices With Bacon or Sausages
  • Pancakes:
            Stack of Two with Butter & Syrup
            Stack of Three with Butter & Syrup
  • Oatmeal:
            A nice hot bowl of English Style Oatmeal with Brown Sugar on top
The Dewberry Breafast Sandwich
  • The Dewberry Breakfast Sandwich:
            Two scrambled eggs mixed with green onion, bell peppers & mushrooms with or without cheese on a toasted
            Ciabatta Bun
The Dewberry Breakfast Wrap
  • The Dewberry Breakfast Wrap:
            Two scrambled eggs mixed with green onion, bell peppers & mushrooms, Bacon, Hash Brown with or without cheese
             in a soft Tortilla
  • Waffles:
            Two Waffles: Apple, Blueberry or Banana. Served with butter & syrup and a side of fresh fruit on the plate.
  • Assorted Cold Cereals:
            Honny Nut Cheerio's, Shreddies, and Rice Crispies
    • Beverages:
              Included with all Breakfasts - Coffee or Tea, Milk, Apple or Orange Juice

It's your Homestay B&B and we will do our best to make it a memorable one.
        We are more than just a Homestay B&B.
                We are a Destination!

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