Before we start this section, you should have completed the on-line application and have submitted it to us. Once we have received your application and approved your Homestay by email that a room is available for the dates you requested and deposit information. You should now complete all the section below.

Immigration Canada requires that all applicants under the age of majority age (18) who will apply for study permit have a legal custodian to act in place of a parent in times of emergency such as when medical attention is required. Applicants must provide proof in the form of notarized declarations one signed by the parent or legal guardian in the country of origin and one signed by the custodian in Canada.

To establish custodial guardianship in Canada two notarized documents are required. The Custodian Declaration must be prepared by the person who will serve as the student's Custodian in Canada. This document confirms that a local individual is both available and willing to represent the parent's interests in ensuring that the student has adequate care and support while in Canada.

The Parent Declaration must be prepared by the natural parents or legal guardians of the student. This document confirms that the natural parents or legal guardians of the student give permission for the assigned Custodian to act on their behalf to ensure their child has adequate care and support while in Canada.

Custodian-Parent Documentation This is a PDF document. Please print and complete

Please print out both documents and fill out the top half of the CUSTODIANSHIP DECLARATION – CUSTODIAN with your information. Complete the second document, CUSTODIANSHIP DECLARATION – PARENTS/GUARDIANS sign and have it notarized. Be sure you make a copy of each for your records and mail the originals to us. We will complete the documents and send you a copy of the Custodianship Declaration - Custodian signed and notarized for your records.

Once all documents have been completed, signed and notarized, we are now ready to complete the Homestay Booking. Only when your deposit has been received will your Homestay Room be held for you and Guaranteed.

Notice: Canadian Students or Guests under the age of (18) who will be residing with us on their own must have a singed Medical Release Form. Please
download form here Medical Release Form Parents must sign the Medical Release form. Please bring the signed form with you as we will ask for it upon your
arrival at the Homestay.

Administration Fee:
For preparing and having Custodian Declaration notarized there is a one time fee of $250.00 (CDN)

Monthly Custodian Fee:
There is a monthly Custodian Fee of $200.00 (CDN) payable every month for the duration of the students stay with us or until the student reaches the age of 18 years.

The Custodian will help with the following
  • Custodianship notarization
  • Emergency contact person
  • Sign school documents
  • Report student absences
  • School transferring
  • Arrange family doctor when sick
  • Record student's school performance
  • Report card reporting to parents
  • Parent-teacher interview
  • Settlement consulting
  • Organize extra-curricular events
  • Assist with student's living matters
  • Sign all Emergancy Medical documentation

None Smoking Rooms

Double Size Bed

Shared Bathroom

Hi-Speed Internet Access in Room

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