hyunah I stayed in the Dewberry Homestay for about 6 months and it made a large part of my Canadian experience. When students first go to an English-speaking country, it is difficult for them to make American or Canadian friends mostly due to language and cultural barriers. Naturally, they end up hanging out with other international friends, who speak as just good English as they do. Under such circumstance, it is relieving to live with Canadians with whom you can socialize and practice your English. In fact, I was able to improve my English a lot thanks to Larry and Diana. Diana helps you with your pronunciation or intonation while you can pick up a lot of useful expressions and idioms by chatting with Larry, he is a man with a great sense of humor and I bet you will enjoy having conversations with him.

More than that, students are able to have parent like figures in an unfamiliar country and three other housemates you come to meet in the Homestay become your dearest friends in Canada. I still remember walking arm in arm with Diana and going grocery shopping. I also remember Larry standing up for me and making a call on my behalf to a cab company about the poor service I received from a cab driver. From time to time, Larry & Diana, and all the housemates sat around a dinner table and played board games, enjoying Larrys homemade pizza. We even went on a fabulous camping trip in the Rockies, which I certainly cherish as a lovely memory up until now. Your overall experience in a foreign country will depend a lot on choosing the right homestay and the Dewberry Homestay will definitely make your new experience memorable.

Sincerely Yours,
Hyunah Hwang
Orkhan A truly fascinating home, honest and caring hosts with great sense of humor. Well, I wanted to stay only a month at The Dewberry Homestay until I find a new place to relocate to, however I ended up staying six months instead because I felt Yes, it is the place I want to stay. What impressed me the most about Larry and Diana was their fantastic ability to understand and accommodate to a variety of cultures, provide guidance and wonderful advices throughout my stay period. They were always kind and caring and I felt myself almost at home. I cant help but mention Larrys top notch cooking skills specifically I enjoyed his delicious stakes, homemade soups and Quesadillas. If you are looking for a home stay and choose The Dewberry Homestay be prepared to be impressed.

Thank you for everything and I will be back...

Yours sincerely,
Orkhan Nedev
Vincent I've been in Canada for two years and I lived here for more than one year. The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY is a very warm family. Larry and Diana provide excellent foods and care. We have our little buddy-Brandon. The house is clean and tidy. It is a awesome place to live. Larry and Diana are not just home stay hosts for me, they regard me as their child and I regard them as part of my family too.

I'm going to the University of Alberta and I started feeling a lot of stress and I didn't handle it well. Luckily Larry came talk to me and help me relax. I'm really appreciated of what they do.

As a oversea student, I moved in because I wanted to learn some Canadian culture, and I did learn a lot. This is a great time of gaining life experience by living with such a lovely family. My English has improved a lot and I started to like speaking in English.

I will miss you all. And I'll be back to visit.
Best wishes,
Majid Alotaibi Hi I'm Majed. I'm from Saudi Arabia. I have been at The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY for 4 months. The food here is great. I like my room a lot as it is big and comfortable for me. The home was very neat and clean all the time. Larry and Diana helped me improve my English by talking with me daily. I always talk to Larry and Diana and this helped me to learn more and more about the Canadian culture and English language. I have to move out because I will be attending another university in another city in September. I do not want to move out but I have to if I want to continue my education. I will have a lot of nice memories here. I won't forget Larry and Diana or The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY. I like to spend my time at home and most of the time I sit in My room where I relax and spend time on my laptop. I also enjoy sitting in the living room and the back yard as they have a nice patio deck. So I will miss this home and I would like to thank Larry and Diana Dew for everything they have done for me.

Best wishes
LEI ZHAO A loving home, two caring hosts, and three wonderful meals a day... I have enjoyed everyday living here since I moved in, and not to mention my crush on \"Brandon\" the handsome white American Eskimo.

I appreciate everything Larry and Diana have done for me. They made me feel like a part of the family and treated me just like their own daughter. They not only served great food, but also gave me honest opinions and wonderful advices on life and career.

May God Bless your family.
Your homestay daughter,
Lei Zhao
Yunhee Oh Dear Larry & Diana;

I was so happy to stay with you at The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY.
Thank you so much for taking care of me. I will miss you a lot.

Take care.

God Bless you.

Yunhee Oh from Korea
Dongsik Kim Four months ago, I was looking for a homestay in Edmonton Alberta. I found several places and visited all of them. But when I visited The Dewberry Homestay, I felt welcomed, "This home would be where I'll live," while I attended the U of A. When I moved in, like I expected, everything is really good, meals are perfect, they are really kind. They are always here for me like my family. I learned not only English but how Canadian's live. I'll never forget what I've experienced here. I'm going to miss you guys.

Thank you for everything what you've done for me.

Dongsik Kim from Korea
Wendy Many thanks to you, we never know how deeply an act of kindness can touch a heart. I just wanted to let you know how very much your thoughtfulness was appreciated, thank you for taking care of me over the last year. Staying here is like staying at home. I know that I have some weekness and sometimes I even make you upset with me, but after all you still care and support me like your daughter. After moving on to my new place, I will miss you guys and your home so much. I will try to come by and visit you from time to time.

Thanks for Everything and Best Wishes.

Wendy     Yue Zhao from China
HunterI stayed at The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY for 4 years while attending classes at the University of Alberta. It's been a great experience for me to share my first four year living abroad with such caring and kind people. It's always good to have someone looking after you whenever needed, especially when you are in an unfamiliar environment.

The food is great, the people are kind, and more importantly, they made me feel like I'm part of the family. My English improved greatly as a result of communicating with the family members. It's a great way to practice speaking and listening. Moreover, it helped me to learn the Canadian culture better.

This experience definitely contributed to my success in my life down the road and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a caring and helpful family to try "The DEWBERRY HOMESTAY."

Love you guys,

Hunter     Jin Murong from China

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